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Leigo Lake Music Festival in Estonia is a unique phenomenon on the European music scene. The festival is unique for the fact that it takes place amongst pure nature on the lands of Leigo; the musicians perform on a little island of the lake and the audience is placed on the hillsides, furthermore, there is a special natural firework at night. Play of live fire in the form of thousands of candle flames and log fires makes this festival even more memorable.
One of the prime objectives is to provide the audience with quality music amongst beautiful nature so that one could be a part of a cultural esthetic experience via combining professionally performed music and beautiful nature. Festival sets its emphasis on popularising classical music.

The man behind Leigo Lake Music Festival is estonian Tõnu Tamm. He has dedicated the past two decades of his life to his obsession of creating artificial lakes. The idea was born 24 years ago when Tõnu Tamm, an art collector, a film- and photography maker and a city-man came to an understanding, that far away from the city, there is a place where time and space create a new meaning of life. 24 years ago he started a journey with the highlights of restoring Leigo house, creating 8 new lakes and Leigo Lake Music which was born out of love against nature, art and classical music.